Maa Inti Vanta

Namaste,…Swagatam,..suswagatam….Welcome to Maa Inti Vanta and enjoy my dishes

My blog Wednesday, August, 16, 2006

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Hello hi namaste namaskaram !!!!

 This is my maiden venture .

I always wanted my own site / blog and was bit serious about it,…but to the matter of fact COOLPEPPER came out by the  inspiration I got by seeing many blogs,more specifically mahanandi,sailusfood,aayi’srecipes,….etc (its a very big list 🙂 )

This site’s main idea is to make note of all the dishes I prepare, and also wanna share recipes of my mother’s and grandmom’s

I love cooking ,its keep growing as my husband is great foodie and always want his friends to visit our house for dinner/lunch and adding to that we both (even he likes cooking ) want to try new recipes. So, my resource for new recipes is  internet and now a days I became a big fan of cooking blogs. It became a routine for me to check my favourite blogs for  the updates and also to explore more resplendent blogs.

AAhhh,….is that boring you,..anyway let me stop here,…..and let me Welcome you all to MAA INTI VANTA.

Happy blogging!!



10 Responses to “My blog”

  1. shilpa Says:

    All the best for your blog. Hope to see many interesting recipes here. I am linking you to my site.

  2. Mythili Says:

    I love the title of your blog. Good one.

    All the best with your blogging attempts. (if you don’t mind, can you post bigger pictures – the kheer and the garelu would look stunning when blown out)


  3. Radhika Says:

    1. Overall presentation of the site “” is excellent.
    2. Title of the page is ultimate.
    3. Surprise to see that, it is the first search result in google with search string as “Maa Inti Vanta”.
    4. Both the dishes posted in this site are good.
    5. I experimented the Jeera rice with rasam, and it came out very well. Thanks for your easy way of preparing the dishes.
    6. Keep posting more dishes and make this site very lively and interactive.

  4. Pinky Says:

    The title of your blog is excellent.All the best with ur blogging.Hope to see many more “mee inti vantakaalu” .


  5. Nitin R.K. Says:

    Hi! The title of your blog is really interesting. I hope to see new posts on your site soon.

  6. MenuToday Says:

    The Title of Blof is nice. Hope to see more posts. Thanks

  7. Sudha Says:

    Nice Blog…
    Title of the Blog is very Nice…
    I will definetly try mushroom curry..I am adding to my favourites..Hope to see new posts…

  8. sangeetha Says:


    i like ur website,the blog name is good,i tried one chutney frm ur came very nicely.thanku a lot,
    i hope to see new items.good job,keep it up.

  9. sangeetha Says:

    one thing ,if u don’t mind could u post fish curry of andhra style in ur blog.

  10. sarvani Says:

    nice website . i am also from andhra and love cooking and i really love ur posts. i also live in japan in fukuoka,kyushu island .ur blog name reminds me about my mom’s kitchen

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