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A Lazy Dinner Friday, August, 18, 2006

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                                     Jeera Rice

Though I love cooking , there are sometimes I don’t feel like cooking. But my taste buds crave for home made foods.I always question myself “why this happen to me? Why do I hunger for home foods on a lazy day 😦 ?” Ahh,..whatever may be the reason I start preparing my lazy dinner. My converstion with my husband :HE : What’s for dinner??
ME : What u want me to do?
HE : Do whatever u like ra..
ME : No problem,U tell me
[It happens…….u tell me….No No u tell me 🙂 ……BUT this day is my day. Whatever may be the converstion the ultimate menu on this day – Jeera rice, Rasam,Aloo Capsicum fry]
well, coming back to the convesation,.. ME : I am planning to prepare jeera rice
HE : Wow !! Jeera rice!! Good ra, but u said,..
ME : Yeah, I am preparing my version of jeera rice 🙂
HE : Oh! Ok! So u r also preparing your version of rasam??
ME : Obviously yes… “lazy version.”
HE : :),….
He is a such a nice guy,…he never troubles me,…


Its a simple version.

Source : Who can it be,…ofcourse myself…

Jeera – 2 table spoon
Rice – 2 cups
Oil – 1 table spoon
Red Chillies – 2
Curry leaves ( I feel this one is the most important besides jeera as it gives fine aroma)

Method :
1.Heat the oil in a pan, add red chillies, jeera.
2.Once jeera splutters turn off the stove and add curry leaves.
3.Add this tadka to the rice , add some salt(according to your taste) and turn on the cooker.

Simple isn’t it….yet tasty with rasam and Fry (any veg fry goes well with this).

See you with my II nd part of ‘A Lazy Dinner’ in the next post.


2 Responses to “A Lazy Dinner”

  1. shilpa Says:

    Well..lazy dinner and so many items? your hubby is lucky. Whenevr I feel lazy, I just goto nearby chipotle :D.

  2. sweta Says:

    hi thanks for this simple and easy recipes it is very good kindlt send me more recipes plz if possible then plz send me the recipes of tahiri ok take care

    _sweta singh

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