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Mushroom Pulao Tuesday, September, 12, 2006

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                               Though I love biryani/pulav (frequently prepare) , I always had a doubt ..”What is the difference between biryani and pulao?” . Recently I read an article ( and got my doubt cleared ….Thanks to internet.

There is a subtle difference between the biryani and the pulao.

In a biryani, the parboiled rice is layered twice or more between the spices and the meat, and they are all cooked together.
In a pulao, the stock of meat forms the base and the rice is cooked with the spices so that it absorbs the flavor of the spices. A pulao is like an assembly of cooked rice and meat.

Pulao is made by the absorption method of cooking rice.
Biryani is made by the draining method of cooking rice.

In pulao the base ingredient is mixed with the rice, while in biryani the main ingredient is at the base of the vessel.

In biryani lot of aromatic masala is used.
Pulaos are relatively less spiced.

The other basic difference is that the Pulao has quite a bit of gravy in it whereas the biryani tends to be dry.

Mushroom Pulao :      

          Mushroom Pulao

                                       Mushroom Pulao , Aloo Raita                

                     This is again my own creation. Sometime back, my husband desired to have vegetable pulao. At that time I had only mushrooms and peas in the freezer. I was reluctant to prepare but he made me to prepare with mushrooms.I prepared using the same method I use for normal pulao.I was bit afraid of the final result, but to my surprise it came out well. From then onwards, he insists( in fact, even I am interested in this pulao) me to prepare mushroom pulao rather than veg pulao.

Ingredients :

Mushrooms – 1 pack
Potatoes – 2
Green peas (optional)
Onion – 1 medium
Basmati Rice – 2 cups
Ginger garlic paste
Garam masala,
Coriander powder,
Mint Leaves,
Coriander leaves,
Curd 1-2 tbspn
Salt to taste

Red chilli – 1
Bay leaf – 1
Cloves – 4
Cinnamon small piece
Cardamom – 2
Star Anise – 1
Maratha Moggu – 1
Jeera – 1 tspn
Shahi Jeera – 1 tspn


1.Add 2 tbspn of oil to the preheated pan and add all the spices one by one.
2.When jeera and shahi jeera starts spluttering, add mint leaves , coriander leaves and fry them for 2 min.
3.Add chopped onions, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala, coriander powder, salt(acc to ur spice levels) and a pinch of turmeric(optional)
4.When onions turn golden brown, add potatoes, mushrooms, green peas(optional) and close with lid.
5.Let the mushrooms cook in its own water(if necessary add little quantity of water). 
6.When mushrooms gets half cooked, add curd and stir it well. Then add 4 cups of water. When water starts boiling add 2 cups of rice and pressure cook it.
7.Serve with any spiced curry or any raita…..this time we had with Aloo Raita.

              Mushroom Pulao
                                              Mushroom Pulao


21 Responses to “Mushroom Pulao”

  1. Annita Says:

    Wow!!..Cool Blog,BHARGAVI..And I love the photos..looks too good..Nice work..Keep it up..

  2. prema Says:

    Hi Bhargavi,
    This is my first visit to ur blog.. I came thru shilpa’s. Ur pictures are wonderful. Mushroom pulao is mouthwatering…Iam hungry now!!!
    Nice blog and Happy blogging.

  3. mandira Says:

    Hi Bhargavi
    My first time here, you have a wonderful blog. Beautiful pictures and a nice collection of recipes! Your pulao, raita and drumstick fry sounds like a good combination. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Priya Says:

    The pulao looks delicious Bhargavi ! Beautiful pictures.
    BTW what does the title of your blog mean ???

  5. MenuToday Says:

    Hi Bhargavi,
    Yummy looking pulav. After seeing your picture I want to try mushroom. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Monisha Says:

    Hi Bhargavi –

    I just discovered your blog, the photos looks great and the recipes are very inviting. You’re very creative as this recipe for Mushroom Pulao shows, looking forward to more delicious recipes from you !

  7. Hema Says:

    Hi Bhargavi,

    Came surfing into your space clicking through numerous blogs and comments. Love your recipes and pics. Mushroom pulav looks very tempting. I see you have the same theme as mine:)

  8. Lera Says:

    Hi,just came across your blog! you have a beautiful blog with great Recipes& pictures…

  9. Asha Says:

    Great photos and recipe!! Will be back far more!! Thanks Bharghavi!!

  10. Hi Bhargavi — came in from Vaishali’s blog. Your mushroom pulao looks really lovely! The mushrooms look almost like hon shimejii (not sure on that spelling) variety I have seen in Japanese grocery… what type did you use? I will have to try this very soon 🙂

    Best wishes, Linda

  11. Priya Says:

    The Pulao looks delicious Bhargavi, the pictures do justice to the dish. Wonderful job ! This is my first comment on your blog, I got to it through your comment in another blog a couple of days back. Will drop by more often from now 🙂

  12. Bhargavi Says:


    Thankyou Annita, Prema, Mandira, Menu today, Monisha, Hema, Lera, Asha, Priya.

    Priya (sugarandspice) : coolpepper is the name of a spice. I love the aroma of this spice.Has several names….

    English : Coolpepper, java pepper, Tailed pepper, Cubeb pepper,
    Hindi : Sheetal chini, Kabab chini.
    Telugu : chaluva Miriyalu, Maratha Moggu, Toka Miriyalu.

    Linda : Thanks Linda. yes, those are shimeji mushrooms.

  13. Jasmine Says:


    Your pictures are superb. You have mentioned that u presssure cook the puluo everytime. I make rice in the big vessel and want to know the right way of doing it in the pressure cooker. If u can help, i will appreciate it.

  14. Bhargavi Says:

    Hi Jasmine
    Thankyou for vising my blog.
    I use pressure cooker for pulaos. I make pulao with 1:2 ratio ie 1 rice + 2 water + Mixture u prepared for the pulao. Hope it helps u

  15. kavita Says:

    hi bhargavi,
    will u tell me in telugu abt star anise.actually i thought to do this pulao today but i didnt understand abt star iam asking u to say in telugu.if u can help,i will appreciate it.

  16. Roopa Says:

    Hi thanks for great recipes I am trying you mushroom pulao lets see
    if it comes out as good as yous I did one mistake added dhania powder
    lol just a pinch anyway will keep you posted on the outcome

  17. Brinda Says:

    Hi my dear!!!!!!!!

    Glad to see many fans for my friend.It’s a great job really. Ur pictures are the ultimate. Not only in cooking but i think u r good at photography also. Why not make an attempt in that also.
    Anyways CONGRATULATIONS for the achievement.

  18. spice lover Says:

    Hi Bhargavi
    Looks like someone has copied your photo.

  19. […] the veg food there is almost impossible. So, we planned about carrying the lunch ahead. I carried mushroom  pulao with raita and they brought thepla and aloo curry. That was the first time I had thepla. Bhabi (I […]

  20. sukanya Says:

    Wow….This is my fav…..Lovely picture…Mouth watering one…

  21. Ruth Says:

    I just came across your recipe for Mushroom Pulao – it looks mouthwatering. I was wondering if you could please tell me the quantity of mushrooms and green peas – in terms of weight or cup/s?

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