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DEEPAVALI SUBHAKANSHALU!! Saturday, October, 21, 2006

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                         Happy Diwali

May the shimmering diyas…..
The crackling fireworks……
Spark up your life with happiness!

Here’s wishing your Diwali, is a joyous celebration of lights!
Happy Diwali!!

Diwali ki Shubkamnaye!!


Aloo Fry (Andhra Style) Tuesday, October, 10, 2006

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                    Aloo Fry (Andhra Style)

                                                   Andhra Style Aloo Fry

Source : Mom

Boiled potatoes cubed – 4,
Green chillies – 2 (Acc to ur spice level),
Oil – 1-2 tbspn,
Urad dal + Chana dal – 1 tspn,
Jeera – 1-2 tspn,
Mustard seeds – 1/2-1 tspn,
Curry leaves – 6
Turmeric – Pinch
Onions cut length wise – 2 cups,
Coriander powder – 2tspn(Optional),
Salt acc to taste

1.Heat oil in a pan, add urad dal, chana dal, jeera, mustard seeds.
2.Add curry leaves, green chillies, onions, turmeric once jeera splutters.
3.When onions become transparent add salt, coriander powder. Mix well.
4.Once onions get cooked, add boiled potatoes.
5.Remove from fire afer 4-5 min.
6.Garnish with spring onions/ coriander leaves.

Goes well with poori(Indian bread deep fried in vegetable oil), rice.


Palakura Vepudu (Spinach Fry): Friday, October, 6, 2006

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                                        In my childhood, I used to hate leafy vegetables, except for spinach. I used to eat spinach without any complaints. My mom was worried about my hatred towards the leafy vegetables. She used to try and convince that whatever the dish made of leafy vegetable is of spinach one. I simply used to eat it…..This episode continued till my high school. Later I realized that my mom is playing trick with me (not through the taste……I overheard my mom saying this funny thing to her friend. Is it not funny 🙂 ?). Even now I cannot easily recognize. Now I do not hate the green beauties,  I try eating them.

My mom prepares palakura bangaladumapa fry (spinach-potato fry), Palakura pappu(spinach dal), palakura vepudu.

                     Palakura Vepudu 

                                            Palakura Vepudu (Spinach Fry)

This is a super easy recipe.
Source : Mom

Ingredients :
A bunch of spinach,
Oil – 1 tbspn,
Red chillie – 1,
green chillie – 2,
1/2 cup chopped onion,
Urad dal + Chana dal – 1 tspn,
mustard – 1/2 tspn,
Jeera – 1 tspn,
A pinch of turmeric,
Salt to taste.

Method :
1.Heat oil in  a pan, add red chillie, urad dal, chana dal, mustard , jeera. When jeera starts spluttering add chopped onions, green chillies,turmeric,and salt.
2.When onions turn golden brown, add chopped spinach.Mix well. Don’t put the lid.
3.Keep stirring periodically.
4.Remove from the flame once spinach becomes soft.
 Goes well with hot steamed rice, chapathi.

Note: Red chillie powder can also be added if u feel less spicy.


Capsicum Roti Pachadi Wednesday, October, 4, 2006

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                                 We all (both mom’s side and in-laws side) love roti pachallu( Plural form of  roti pachadi). My mom n grandmom make roti pachallu using any vegetable they find.

Eg:Kothimeera Tomato roti pachadi – Coriander leaves,tomato chutney,
      Pudina tomato roti pachadi – Mint leaves,tomato chutney,
      Vankaya Dosakaya roti pachadi – Egg plant, indian cucumber chutney,
      Vankaya tomato roti pachadi – Egg plant, tomato chutney,
      Vankaya roti pachadi – Egg plant chutney,
      Tomato  roti pachadi – Tomato chutney,
      Cabbage roti pachadi – Cabbage chutney,
      Dondakaya roti pachadi – Tindora chutney,
      Carrot roti pachadi – Carrot chutney, …etc,…..

But this capsicum pachadi is my own creation. Long time back(almost 2 yrs back) I bought capsicum in a sale. For almost 2 days we had capsicum curry. Got fed up with same capsicum curry,… so prepared capsicum tomato curry,…..which was an utterly failed experiment. Then I got this idea,…capsicum chutney,…I made on the same lines we follow for other vegetables. It was a big hit. This chutney became famous in our friend’s circle,…and everybody liked it. May be the capsicum’s flavour makes it so tasty.    

                    Capsicum Roti Pachadi

                                                  Capsicum Roti Pachadi
              Before proceeding to the actual recipe let me tell u about the word Roti pachadi.
Pachadi means Chutney/pickle.
Roti : The chutney made in Rolu ( Indian Mortar) is called roti pachadi. Any chutney will taste good if we make it in a “Rolu” (Indian Mortar)

         Though I have used mixie here (instead of Rolu (Mortar)) , I like to refer it as roti pachadi,…. 🙂
Ingredients :
Capsicum – 4
Green chillies – 2
Garlic pods – 2-3 medium
Jeera – 1-2 tspn
Tamarind water – 3 tbsp
Oil – 2-3 tspn
Salt to taste

Method :
1.Heat oil in a pan and add green chillies, capsicum and close with the lid.
2.Let them cook on slow flame.
3.Remove from the fire once they become soft (Takes roughly 7 min).Remember,….don’t overcook them.
4.In a mixie, add garlic pods, above softened capsicum + green chillies , jeera, tamarind water, salt. Grind them.
5.Serve with hot rice, indian clarified butter. Also goes well with Masala vada, pakodi,…

Note : This chutney can be served with / without tempering. Both versions tastes good. I do either way.In the picture above  u don’t find tempering.

For tempering :

1.Heat 1 tspn of oil in a pan , add red chillies(Check the spice level of the chutney once , since we have already added green chillies during frying.), 1 tspn of urad dal + Chana dal, jeera-1/2-1 tspn, mustard seeds-1/2 tspn.
2.When mustard seeds splutter add curry leaves – 10 no. , coriander leaves (optional).
3.Add this mixture to the chutney. 


Pachi Pulusu Tuesday, October, 3, 2006

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                                    Pachi Pulusu is again a famous and traditional Andhra delicacy, usually served cold with hot rice. The word pachi means, raw. It is prepared using tamarind pulp.
 Types of pachi pulusu : Vankaya pachi pulusu, maamidikaya pachi pulusu.

                    Pachi Pulusu
                                             Pachi Pulusu with hot rice  , mudda pappu     

Here I am presenting you the simple pachi pulusu. Very easy to prepare.

Pachi Pulusu:

Tamarind water – 3 cups,
Chopped onions – ½ cup,
Salt to taste,
Sugar – 1 tbspoon.
Red Chilli – 4 no.
Oil – 1 tspn

Method :
1. Heat 1 tspn of oil in a pan, add 4 red chillies. Fry them well.
2. Take 3 cups of tamarind water in a bowl, add chopped onions, salt. sugar.
3. Mash the fried red chillies and add them to the above tamarind water.

Serve with hot rice. Goes well with Mudda pappu ( Pressure cooked red gram with little salt), and Pulagam(split green gram cooked with rice, salt, black pepper).


Mudda Pappu

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                                  Mudda pappu is Andhra delicacy. It is also called as Sudda Pappu. It is considered to be very important serving during festivals , special occasions and obvious first course of a meal whenever guest visits one home. It is served with hot steamed rice , generous servings of clarified butter, some veg pulusu, aavakaya.

Pulusu :
            Pulusu means sauce or gravy. This is a very traditional dish and is usually cooked in the rainy season.
 Eg: Bendakaya Pulusu        (Okra in tamarind gravy),
       Vankaya Pulusu           (Eggplant in tamarind gravy),
       Chamadumpala Pulusu (Colocasia in tamarind gravy)
       Chepala Pulusu      (Fish in tamarind gravy),…….etc

                  Mudda Pappu 

                                              Mudda Pappu with Pachi Pulusu

Aavakaya Pachadi (Maamidikaya Pachadi) :
            A very famous and tasty pickle in Andhra. This pickle is a must pickle in all Andhra house holds. During the mango season all Andhra house holds will be busy in making this pickle. The main ingredients are raw,  very sour mangoes and a combination of spices. This is preserved for one year (can also be preserved for more than a yr). Such a great taste,…..hmmmm,…..mouth-watering, ….one can never forget that heavenly spicy pickle. This is forms a verrry good combination with Mudda Pappu, Indian clarified butter, White rice.

Mudda Pappu :

Ingredients :
Kandi pappu (Tur dal in hindi),
Salt to taste.

Method :
1. Pressure cook kandipappu (1:2 ratio- kandipappu:water).
2. Once cooked, add salt to taste and mash it well.

Serve with hot rice , Indian clarified butter, Aavakaaya pickle. I also love to have with Pachi Pulusu.