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Palakura Vepudu (Spinach Fry): Friday, October, 6, 2006

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                                        In my childhood, I used to hate leafy vegetables, except for spinach. I used to eat spinach without any complaints. My mom was worried about my hatred towards the leafy vegetables. She used to try and convince that whatever the dish made of leafy vegetable is of spinach one. I simply used to eat it…..This episode continued till my high school. Later I realized that my mom is playing trick with me (not through the taste……I overheard my mom saying this funny thing to her friend. Is it not funny 🙂 ?). Even now I cannot easily recognize. Now I do not hate the green beauties,  I try eating them.

My mom prepares palakura bangaladumapa fry (spinach-potato fry), Palakura pappu(spinach dal), palakura vepudu.

                     Palakura Vepudu 

                                            Palakura Vepudu (Spinach Fry)

This is a super easy recipe.
Source : Mom

Ingredients :
A bunch of spinach,
Oil – 1 tbspn,
Red chillie – 1,
green chillie – 2,
1/2 cup chopped onion,
Urad dal + Chana dal – 1 tspn,
mustard – 1/2 tspn,
Jeera – 1 tspn,
A pinch of turmeric,
Salt to taste.

Method :
1.Heat oil in  a pan, add red chillie, urad dal, chana dal, mustard , jeera. When jeera starts spluttering add chopped onions, green chillies,turmeric,and salt.
2.When onions turn golden brown, add chopped spinach.Mix well. Don’t put the lid.
3.Keep stirring periodically.
4.Remove from the flame once spinach becomes soft.
 Goes well with hot steamed rice, chapathi.

Note: Red chillie powder can also be added if u feel less spicy.


8 Responses to “Palakura Vepudu (Spinach Fry):”

  1. Priya Says:

    School and leafy vegetables never go together I guess !! hehe…even I detested the sight of them on the table when in school, and now after coming to the US, I make it soo often and even lecture my room mates about eating them.!!!

  2. Asha Says:

    Love any greens any time!!Healthy too!! Bring them on!! That dish looks inviting with good lighting and picture!!Thanks!!

  3. shaheen Says:

    Beautifully captured look of the spinach. I too could never distinguish between the leaves till I started cooking.

  4. Jayashree Says:

    I too have always loved spinach….your recipe is very simple and looks yum!!!

  5. Alex Bogoslav Says:

    So tempting.. I’m ready to bite my display!!!

  6. Lera Says:

    It’s something new,Thanks for sharing. would love to try this sometime soon….:)

  7. Looks scrumptious and spinach is a favorite – thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Bhargavi Says:

    Priya: You r right 🙂
    Asha: Thankyou.
    Shaheen : Thanks for dropping by.
    Thankyou for ur kind words Jayashree, Alex Bogoslav, Lera, outofthegarden.

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