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Tomato Soup Thursday, December, 7, 2006

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                                                  I always loved soups. But never ever tried making them, until a year back. One day I was chit chatting with one of my good friends. During our talks I got to know that she makes wide variety of soups. I could not stop myself and asked recipe for soup. She gave me Tomato soup recipe. The same day I prepared, my husband loved it. This time I prepared with very little modifications. 

                         Tomato Soup

                                             Tomato soup garnished with garlic bread crumbs

Source: My friend Mrs L

Tomato Tin – 1
Bay leaf – 1
Cinnamon – small piece
Cloves – 2
Olive oil – 1 tsp
Onions chopped – 1 Tbspn
Salt acc to taste
Black pepper powder (Acc to taste)
Basil powder 1-2 tbspn
Water 3-4 cups

1.Cook the chopped tomato by adding bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves for 5-7 min. Set aside.
2.Transfer the cooked tomatoes to the blender (Remove the bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves) and blend untill smooth.
3.Heat olive oil in a pot, saute the onion untill tender.
4.Add the blended puree to the pot.Add water.
5.Simmer until soup is reduced to the deisred consistency.
6.Season with basil and black pepper to taste.

Best combination : Garlic Toast

                         Garlic Bread

                                                  Garlic toast with tomato soup

1.I prepared this soup using the tinned tomatoes. Can also be made using the fresh ones.
2.Instead of olive oil , u can even use butter.
3.Caution: Before transferring the tomatoes to the blender make sure that the tomatoes are at room temp.Hot stuff create steam  which will blow the top off the blender.
4.Make sure you have removed the bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon before adding the tomatoes to the blender.


21 Responses to “Tomato Soup”

  1. Vini K Says:

    Bhargavi,soup looks great.The addition of spices like clove and cinnamon provides it a good boost.And garlic bread is great with soup too.Thanks to you and your friend mrs L for this recipe:)

  2. Supriya Says:

    Thanks for such a nice recipe…i will also try making it…

  3. Usha Says:

    Thanks for writing this recipe at right time. I think it’s a Soothing winter recipe.Garlic bread looks great.will try it soon.

  4. lakshmi Says:

    now a days so many soups are popping out, but you have a nice recipe with all those spices, and above all garlic bread, wow.

  5. Seema Says:

    Bhargavi:Oh boy thse garlic toast and tomato soup looks just perfect .Man so much wanna slurp your soup.Will try out your version soon .One more thing bhargavi I am adding you to my food blogger list.Hope you don’t mind. Please let me know if you have any objections.

  6. Krithika Says:

    Soup looks delicious ! perfect for this weather !

  7. Priya Dilip Says:

    Hi Bhargavi..
    ur photos are very nice and there is a lot i would like to try out… even a difference in one ingredients makes a lot of difference…. Nice to see u pass by my page…. hope we see a lot of each other..
    thanks n cheers
    Priya diliip

  8. Asha Says:

    Garlic bread rocks!! Looks excellent Bhargavi! With Tomato soup, what a great comfort foo:)

  9. usha Says:

    Hi Bhargavi,

    Thanks for dropping comment in my blog, by the way….soup is tempting us very much,, the presentation, colour..oh my god!i couldn’t control my taste buds ..

    I li e to appreciate the way of your explanation too.. which was very clear..

  10. Lakshmiammal Says:

    Great recipe!Bhargavi. Can give the recipe for garlic toast ? The combo seems to be interesting!

  11. swapna Says:

    soup is very nice.i never add spices to this .just pepper i will add .this time i will definitely follow ur recipe.thanku…

  12. shaheen Says:

    I am new to ur site but u have a beautiful blog here. Good work!

  13. sandeepa Says:

    First time to your blog…a very nice blog. The Tomato Soup and the garlic bread makes me hungry

  14. coolpepper Says:

    Hello Vini K, Supriya, Usha, lakshmi. Thankyou for all ur kind words.
    Seema : Thankyou Seema for dropping by and adding me to ur blogger list.
    Krithika : Thankyou 🙂
    Priya Dilip : Yes, Priya, u r right. I agree with u. Thanks for dropping by. Visit again 🙂
    Asha : Garlic toast n soup (any type) simply rocks. Thankyou for visiting.
    Usha : Thanks for visiting my page Usha. U have a very good blog.
    Lakshmiammal : I ll surely post my garlic toast recipe. Thankyou for ur kind words.
    Thankyou Swapna, Shaheen, Sandeepa. Visit again.

  15. Soumya Says:

    hmm looks yummy.I have almost similar recipe of garlic bread in my blog.The pics are awesome.

  16. just for fun Says:

    I love tomato soup, Looks perfect.
    will try it. Thanks for sharing.

    happy hloidays

  17. Nidhi Says:

    Hey Bhargavi,

    I am here for the first time and I really liked your creations. I must say your Tomato soup and garlic toast are out of this world. Very nice pics too.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. All of you, so much food, it just reminds me of home, but can’t help it. Thank you all for posting such valuable information.

  19. […] See my version of tomato soup here                […]

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