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Garlic Toast Saturday, December, 9, 2006

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                                                  I always used garlic butter from the store to prepare this. But this time I didn’t had garlic butter in stock, but garlic and butter were there. So, here comes my recipe.

                   Garlic Toast 
                                                           Garlic Toast         

Garlic pods 2-3
Butter – 2 Tbspn
Bread slices – 6no.
Olive oil – 1 tbspn (optional)
Dry basil powder (optional)
Salt to taste

1.Chop the garlic and add to mixie along with the butter.
2.Add salt and olive oil(optional). Run the mixie untill u get the smooth consistency.
3.Take the bread slices, remove the brown sides. cut each bread diagonally.
4.Apply the just made garlic butter, sprinkle dry basil powder and toast it.
5.Serve with any hot soup.    

See my version of tomato soup here               

                   Garlic Toast1
                                                           Garlic Toast 

1.I have used 2 medium sized garlic pods.
2.I have used unsalted butter.
3.When I was doing the garlic butter, the butter was very hard and I was running out of time. So,to make the mixie run smoothly, I had to add some oil, so I chose oilve oil.
4.Used basil powder for just to have a nice and yummy look.


14 Responses to “Garlic Toast”

  1. Pooja Says:

    Hi ,
    great Pictures ! really i love it .
    good demonstration of how to make garlic bread … indeed you have maintaind a nice blog here.
    thanks for sahring such nice recipes

  2. Priya Says:

    WOW …the garlic bread looks yummmyyy…and I am in love with the tomato soup and bread combo 🙂 will surely try it out.

  3. Seema Says:

    Amazing picture…and making garlic bread at home is very good …specially when its such a nice combo with any kind of soup.
    Thanks for sharing buddy

  4. swapna Says:

    first of all thanks to share this recipe bhargavi…

    i like this garlic bread very much..when ever we order for a pizza outside this is the common starter for us.i will definitely try this recipe…..

  5. sandeepa Says:

    Lovely garlic bread…makes me so hungry

  6. lakshmi Says:

    nice yummy toast, love this bread

  7. Priya S&S Says:

    Beautiful pics Bhargavi !! Nice recipe too

  8. coolpepper Says:

    Thanks to one and all for all ur kind words.
    Please visit again. Good day!!

  9. Lera Says:

    yummmmmmy Toast, pics are too good! Bharghavi,Happy weekend to you 🙂

  10. jyotsana Says:

    beautiful picture.look mouthwatering.i will try it.thanx for sharing.happy weekend

  11. haripriya Says:

    thnx alot!!! i was dying to know abt this recipe…lemmme try this and have as my tomorrows breakfast!!!!thnx again

  12. Pamela Says:

    Happy New Year!

    I LOVE garlic and this garlic toast looks really scrummy!!

  13. sanjana Says:

    Woooow Garlic toast looks very yummy. Can I come over for tea and toast? BTW chk out garlic bread recipe here given by Chitvish:

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