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Palak(Spinach) Roti Wednesday, December, 13, 2006

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                                                  About 2 months back we went for  an outing with some of our family friends. Those friends(a Gujarati couple) are strict vegetarians and being in tokyo, finding strict vegetarian food is little difficult and on that day we travelled 2 hrs away from tokyo by train. So, finding the veg food there is almost impossible. So, we planned about carrying the lunch ahead. I carried mushroom  pulao with raita and they brought thepla and aloo curry. That was the first time I had thepla. Bhabi (I love calling them bhayya and bhabi)  was explaining that thepla is a very famous picnic recipe in Gujarat and also explained the method of preparation. We simply loved it. So, from that day I was planning to prepare thepla in the house.
                                                  One day I was reading about the methi thepla here. I liked it a lot, but I didn’t had methi leaves then.So, thought of trying with palak(Spinach), which I bought in sale and have to finish at any cost. I prepared and had with Aloo Palak.. a nice combination .

                  Palak Roti

                                                       Palak (Spinach) Roti

Source: Net

Spinach – a bunch
Wheat Flour – 2 cups
Besan – 2 tbspn
cumin powder – 2 tbspn
Chilli Powder – 1-2 tspn
Turmeric – 2 tspn
Ajwain – 1 tspn
Curd – 1/2 cup
Salt acc to taste
Oil enough for roasting.

1.Take a vessel, add wheat flour, besan, cumin powder, chilli powder, salt, ajwain, turmeric, and finely chopped spinach and knead well using curd and little water to make soft dough.
2.Set aside for 1 hr.
3.Make lemon size ball and roll it as you do for chapathi.
4.Heat the griddle and roast the rolled stuff.
 1.First roast one side, turn it upside down.
 2.Put 1/2 tspn of oil on the turned side and again turn it upside down.
 3.Repeat the same with the other side.
 4.When evenly roasted remove it from griddle.
5.Serve with any raita, plain curd. We had with Aloo palak curry.

                   Palak Roti 1

                                                    Palak Roti with Aloo Palak

1.I mixed the curd with water and used for kneading.
2.The source for ‘Roasting’ script is here


32 Responses to “Palak(Spinach) Roti”

  1. Asha Says:

    Looks absolutely delicious! Healthy too.

  2. Vini K Says:

    Hey Bharagavi,I make it exactly the same way,except that I don’t add besan.My daughter Ananya is a very very picky little devil when it comes to food.This is how I get her to eat spinach.

  3. coolpepper Says:

    Asha : Thankyou Ashaji.
    Vini K : Nice to hear that even u prepare in the same way. Love to Ananya.

  4. swapna Says:

    hai bhargavi

    a different recipe for palak paratha.looking good.thanks for sharing..

  5. lakshmiammal Says:

    Great twist to the plain roti.It is all day roti in our house for dinner.Thanks for sharing this great variation!

  6. mandira Says:

    Bhargavi- It looks delcious and healthy. Never tried it with besan… Will do it now. Thanks

  7. Soumya Says:

    Hi Bhargavi.This look delicious.Well ihad never used besan.will surely give a try next time.Thanks

  8. DilipUK Says:

    Hi Bhargavi…great theplas, I am a gujarati and we have methi theplas all the time. I am glad you love it. Yes its great food to take on days out or travelling….thanks for sharing…~smile~

  9. Lakshmik Says:

    That’s a nice recipe. I am going to try it out soon.

  10. coolpepper Says:

    Thanks a bunch Swapna, Lakshmiammal, Mandira, Soumya ,Dilipji, Lakshmi K for visiting my page and for all ur kind words.
    Good Day!

  11. maheswari Says:

    this is my first time here… i glad to found your blog…Looks delicious..will try soon…

  12. lakshmi Says:

    they look so delicious, even we have gujarati friend in our apt., and the same theplas (made from methi), I had yesterday only, so yummy they are, your’s look so perfect Bhargavi.

  13. Seema Says:

    These palak rotis look beautiful.Nice Pic buddy.I dont add besan to it.Why is besan added to give the extra colour or for some flavor?

  14. Arjuna Says:

    Beautiful pictures Bhargavi! My must try list of recipes has grown by leaps and bounds.

  15. Sumitha Says:

    Looks so good!I am going to try making the mushroom pulao soon!

  16. krithika Says:

    Wow ! look at those pics ! look mouthwatering

  17. Surya Says:

    Looks delicious!!!Great blog also Bhargavi.

  18. Vani Says:

    What a nce idea to improvise with available ingredients! That too healthy spinach! Vert nice recipe and the pic looks mouthwatering! 🙂

  19. shilpa Says:

    They look beautiful. I loved your blog new design too….I had not seen it :).

  20. usha Says:

    Hi Bhargavi!. Ur recipes r ultimate..Tried ur palak recipe.It ws yummy with gud flavour…..

    I think u r particular about the ingredients u add into ur recipes.e.g Ajwain.

    (Bishop’s weed.gud for flatulence and indigestion).

    Aloo palak looks gorgeous.will try it soon.

    Happy and healthy Blogging!

  21. Trupti Says:

    This is a regular in my home, but I have to say that the Palak ones turn out the softest, even better than Methi theplas….This tastes really good with some Sweet Lime pickle, thanks for the recipe though. For a variation, I add ginger,jalapeno,and garlic paste-gives it an extra kick.
    Your theplas look great!

    Best Wishes,Trupti

  22. shaheen Says:

    Beautiful photos and a lovele recipe!

  23. Lera Says:

    Nutritious Roti with eye catching colour 🙂 Happy Holidays.!

  24. Spice Lover Says:

    Hi Coolpepper
    This is my first visit to your blog. Great work!!!! The spinach theplas/rotis look awesome. will def try it.

  25. sailaja Says:

    Beautiful picture of rotis. Have you tried palak puris? My 4 yr old loves them.

    May the new year usher in good cheer, happiness and blessings to you and your family!

    Happy New Year!!


  26. Priya S&S Says:

    I tried you spinach pulao yesterday. My husband loved it. Thanx for the recipe.
    Will try this too.

    Wish you and your family a Happy New Year !

  27. Vini K Says:

    Hey Bhargavi,wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year 2007!

    Vini,Venkat and Ananya

  28. shivapriya Says:

    got ur blog thru lakshmik’s. nice blog, pictures and writeup’s

  29. sabita Says:

    hii…cool recipes…have been reading ur blog for quite sumtime….keep up the gud work…do visit my blog….
    take care……bye

  30. coolpepper Says:

    Ell Done bHargivi Lovely recipe .YUMMMY!

    fROM ,
    iNDIANS FORM usa

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