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Onigiri Indian Style Tuesday, February, 27, 2007

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                                                            This is my entry for Leftover tuesdays # 2. Being a South Indian, our staple food is rice, whether its for lunch or for dinner. So, the frequent left over item is cooked rice. So, daily  my thali will have atleast 1/4 cup of left over rice :(. 1/4 cup is manageable, but  sometimes, particularly during some family dinners, the quantity of leftover rice gets increased. So, here comes the  problem. Throwing away some food item is considered to be wrong in our households ( In most of the Indian families). So, we have to finish them off at any cost(obviously before they get spoiled). So, every family  has their own idea for left over rice. In our family, we either consume with curries, or with Tadkas..etc. After coming to Tokyo, I used to see the Japanese having Onigiri(Japanese rice ball) comfortably at any place. I liked their idea. So, I used my Indian brain and here is the result. Hmmmmm….we liked its taste, exceptionally tasty food.

                          Onigiri Indian Style before frying

                                                                       Before Frying

Cooked rice – 150-200 gm
Finely grated potato – 3 tbspn
Finely grated carrot – 2 tbspn
Frozen Peas – 1-2 tbspn
Finely chopped shitake mushroom – 2 no.
Coriander leaves – acc to taste
Salt – acc to taste
Garam Masala – acc to taste
Unsalted cheese grated finely – 1 tbspn
Oil – 1 tbspn

1.Blanch the grated potato and carrot.
2.Fry chopped shitake mushroomss, and peas.
3.Take cooked rice in a plate (or wide opened vessel) , add blanched potato, carrot, fried shitake mushrooms, peas, coriander leaves,  salt, garam masala, grated cheese. Mix well.
4.Take the mixture and make the desired shape and fry briefly (both the sides) in 1 tbspn of oil for abt 5 min.
Serve with any chutney or have them as it is. We had with coriander chutney.
                        Onigiri Indian Style with chutney

                                            Onigiri Indian Style with coriander-tomato chutney

1.I blanched the grated potato and carrot to make sure that they cook properly and also takes less time in frying.
2.I fried shitake mushrooms and peas with 1/2 tspn of oil and little salt.
3.I used jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is a sticky rice.
4.Can be made into any shape, like heart shape, triangular shape, oval shape.
5.It took abt 7 min for me in frying them, I breifly fried them as I have already added cooked ingredients to the mixture.


12 Responses to “Onigiri Indian Style”

  1. swapna Says:

    Hi Bhargavi
    what a wonderful dish..very new to me!!!!!looks great…thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Malar Gandhi Says:

    Hello There,
    Wow sounds good to me. I am going to try this right away. Maybe with little modification for my extra spicy palate.

  3. Madhavi Says:

    Hi Bhargavi,

    Very intersting recipe. Looks great, got to try it.
    By the way, nice pictures.


  4. jyotsana Says:

    ohh thanks bhargavi.its looking so different & easy too.
    thanks for sharing a dfferent way to eat.
    have a good day !

  5. sra Says:

    Hi Bhargavi, though my computer’s not allowing me to see the picture, it sounds wonderful. So does the shape hold because it’s sticky rice, or will it work with any rice?
    Also, why is that drink called a protector? Any idea?

  6. Bhargavi Says:

    Thankyou Swapna. Onigiri in Japan is very common. Alltime picnic food for Japanese.
    Hello Malar Gandhi, Hope u ll like it n do let me know. Thx for visiting.
    Hi Madhavi, thankyou. Do try n let me know how u like it.
    Hello Jyotsana, yes its easy yet tasty. Try sometime. Love to Khushi.
    Hi sra, thankyou for dropping by. I think the stickiness of the rice will keep the shape. I haven t tried with non-sticky rice. Even in Japan, these people use sticky rice , even for daily consumption. Coming to protector, its a fresh fruit juice and as we all know how imp it is to consume fresh ones for proper health. Since it is helping us to protect our health…….hence the name protector 🙂 I guess. What do u say?

  7. giniann Says:

    Onigiri Indian style. Ha! Aren’t we Indians creative? Anywhere we go, we try to make an Indian version. Indian burgers,Indian biryani….it’s all good!!
    Would love to visit Tokyo. Japanese food is my favorite after Indian food. Living in Tokyo must be all high tech, is it? Are you sushi eaters?

  8. giniann Says:

    I meant Indian pizza, not Indian biryani–: )

  9. seema Says:

    Lovely looking dish. Altho’ have heard of this from one of my japanese friend never had a chance to see how it looks or try it. Love the presentatin and have bookmarked it to try.
    Thanx for sharing

  10. madhoori Says:

    Hi bhargavi,

    I liked this new recipe with rice.looks yummy….Havent heard abt it.Thanks for sharing. I have to try it for sure.
    good day

  11. Rachel Says:

    Indian Japanese Rice? That’s kind of funny. Those look really good though. I bet the chutney brought out totally different flavors.

    By the way, the Leftover Tuesdays Roundup is now posted. Thanks for participating!

  12. Hi Bhargavi, these look absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful fusion dish. I have made them for my son in the past; he likes the Japanese version with plain cooked salmon in the middle. Now I’ll try your way. Thanks for sharing this 🙂


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