Maa Inti Vanta

Namaste,…Swagatam,..suswagatam….Welcome to Maa Inti Vanta and enjoy my dishes

Coolpepper Wednesday, August, 16, 2006

 Hello hi namaste namaskaram !!!!

I love cooking ,and it keeps growing as my husband is great foodie and always want his friends to visit our house for dinner/lunch and adding to that we both (even he likes cooking ) want to try new recipes. So, my resource for new recipes is internet and now a days I became a big fan of cooking blogs. It became a routine for me to check my favourite blogs for  the updates and also to explore more resplendent blogs.

Hope you all enjoy Maa Inti Vanta.


10 Responses to “Coolpepper”

  1. Malar Gandhi Says:

    Hello There,
    You have a cool site! Thanks for including mine….in your blogroll. I am fond of cooking too. just like that started to write in the blog. I am crazy about Andhra food.

  2. DilipUK Says:

    great site with great recipes and lovely pictures. I have added you to my blogroll, maybe you will consider doing like wise.

    Thanks again and happy cooking


  3. hi,
    the name you have choosen for your blog “maa inti vanata” is very good..i liked it. Iam also a telugu women:-)…happy blogging and expect to see more recipes.

  4. Bhargavi Says:

    Malar Gandhi: Thanks for dropping by.
    DilipUK: Thanks for ur kind words. I have seen ur blog, u have a cool blog… I ll add to my blogroll soon.
    Meena : Hi!! nice to see another telugu lady. Thankyou. I am freq visitor to ur blog. U have a very good blog. Keep it up.

  5. Pamela Says:

    Thanks so much for including my site in your blogroll!!

  6. Oooh….we just “met” your blog here– and we’re likin’ it! 🙂

    Heads up: We quoted a spicy little blurb of yours in our ‘Wise Words’ sideblog.

    Drop us a line sometime, Coolpepper.


  7. Jai and Bee Says:

    Thanks for your comment on our site. Your recipes are innovative and the pictures are great. Keep up the good work. We are new to the blogging world – we love to cook and experiment mixing ingredients and cooking styles. It has been fun posting and also meeting so many foodies on the web. –Jai

  8. raji Says:

    i just came through your website n found intresting.The title itself is so impressive .BTW are u staying in japan? We are presently staying in nagoya . thanks for the nice recipes

  9. jay Says:

    thia is just cool site for who live alone and like to eat teasty and dont like frozen food . i love this so\ite and add in my favorites list. Thanks a lot for this great site

  10. roopa Says:

    hi..first time on ur blog, liked it lots:) simple to understand and tasty recipes

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