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Aavadalu Monday, March, 5, 2007

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                                                            I like to start the A –Z of typical Andhra food. This is inspiration I got from Nupur. I think its good start and hope I ll continue it and finish it properly.
Aavadalu :

What is this?
Aavdalu is a yogurt based snack in Andhra Pradesh. It is also called as Perugu garelu. It is similar to the famous north Indian snack – Dahi vada.


                                              Aavadalu garnished with coriander leaves

Vada/Garelu : Its a Indian snack shaped like doughnut and made from black gram lentils.
When is it made?
Garelu/vada is the mandatory first course of any festive meal and also during the guest visits.

How is it different from dahi vada?
The basic idea of either dahi vada or Aavadalu is same – The hot deep fried vadas/garelu are put in thick beaten yogurt. The difference is – in aavadalu, the blackgram lentil`s vada/garelu are dipped in a seasoned yogurt. The yogurt is seasoned with blackgram lentil, bengalgram, mustard seeds, green chilli, and curry leaves. Whereas in dahi vada, the vadas/garelu are dipped in a plain yogurt, and topped with crushed black pepper, chat masala, coriander leaves, etc..

Proverb associated with garelu:
                                                    “Thinte garelu thinali, vinte bharatam vinali”
This is very popular saying/proverb in Andhra. This means “Either you have to eat garelu or have to listen bharatam.”  Bharatam/Mahabharat is a Sacred and India’s greatest epic. This dish is related with the epic for the reason of its taste, a heavenly taste to say.

How is it served?
Whether it’s a dahi vada or aavadalu, they have to be soaked( in yogurt) for atleast 2 hours before serving. Can be served chilled or at room temperature( as long as the yogurt doesn t turn sour).

The funny explanation that my grandmom gave to me about the name aavadalu when I was kid 

 “Ee vadalu kadu kaabatti aa vadalu.” I hope telugu friends have understood this. The meaning goes like this :
Ee = These ; Vadalu = Plural form for vada ; Kadu = No/not ; Kaabatti = so ; Aa = Those ;  – “Not these vadas so that vadas. She meant by these vadas are the normal vadas that we prepare.
She also told me that, in olden days, when there was no fridge, this method was used to avoid throwing away of leftover vadas that were made. Vadas/ Garelu was/is the mandatory first course of any festive meal and also during the guest visits. ” Hope this is not a funny explanation.

This is my entry to VCC Q4 – You can cook for FAHC Campaign

Recipe :
Source – Grandmom
Makes – 7 – 8 medium size

Things needed for recipe :
For Vada/garelu :

Blackgram lentils – 1 cup
Ginger – Small piece
Green chillies – 2-3 finely chopped (acc to ur taste buds)
Cumin seeds – 1-2 tspn
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

For seasoning:

Curd – 2 – 3 cups
Blackgram lentils – 1 tspn
Bengalgram – 1 tspn
Mutard seeds – 1/2 tspn
Green chillies – 1 finely chopped
Curry leaves – 7-10 leaves
Turmeric powder a pinch
Coriander leaves for garnishing

How do we prepare :
1. Soak the blackgram lentils for 4-5 hours.
2. Clean them well and grind to paste by adding ginger and little salt. Remember it should be a tight paste.So do not add water.
3.Now remove from the grinder , add jeera, finey chopped green chillies. You can also salt at this point if you feel it to be less salty.

Vada/Garelu batter  Vada / garelu Batter with cumin seeds – Just before frying
4.Take a deep frying vessel and add enough oil for deep frying.

 Batter made into doughnut shape 5. Wet your hands with water and take a lemon sized ball and flatten it into a vada on a greased sheet. Make a hole in the centre of the vada.

Getting fried 7. Slowly drop it into the hot oil carefully and fry it on both sides on medium heat to a     golden brown colour.

Vada/garelu in seasoned yogurt8.Immediately drop them into the seasoned yogurt.

9.Garnish with coriander leaves
Serve chilled or at room temperature.

Seasoning :

Ingredients needed for seasonig1. Heat the oil in a pan, add blackgram lentils, bengal gram, mustard seeds, green chill and turmeric powder. When mustard seeds pop, add curry leaves.
Seasoning, yogurt2. Switch off the stove and add this seasoning to the thick beaten yogurt. Add salt to taste


                                             Aavadalu garnished with coriander leaves

1. Do not use sweetened yogurt. I have used dried curry leaves
2.  This dish can be served chilled or at room temperature but remember the yogurt should not turn sour.