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Strawberry Protector Monday, February, 19, 2007

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                                                             Strawberry protector is my entry for this month`s AFAM-Strawberry. The word protector sounds interesting right? Hmmm,..Yes even I got interested with this word when we went to Freshness burger about 4 months back. Freshness burger is fast food restaurant in Japan. We like its Fish burger. So, whenever we go to freshness burger our standard menu goes like this – Fish burger ( Going to freshness n not having fish burger is a big NO NO for us), fried potato/Onion ring, chai (its not a typical Indian chai, it has different flavour and taste, my husband likes it). Since, I am not a big fan of chai, I usually go for some cool drinks or simply water. So, on that day while my husband was giving order, suddenly I happened to see Kiwi protector. I liked that word and guess what ….. I tried it.Hmm I liked it. Let me tell you…Kiwi protector is nothing but kiwi fruit juice. Ahhh……Simple thing with fancy name is a good way of attracting people,..right?  Whatever, I liked their concept of providing/ preparing some fresh fruit juice right in front of the customer.

                          Strawberry Protector

                                                                       Strawberry Protector

My version of protector:
                                                             When I saw strawberry as this month`s AFAM, I got some ideas like strawberry lassi, strawberry juice, etc. There is no point in making strawberry lassi as we are not great fans of lassis (we drink butter milk daily though). Strawberry juice is a good option but y not with twist like adding some other fruits. so here come my idea of preparing.

Strawberries – 4 medium sized
Kiwi Fruit – 1/2 fruit
Orange juice – 1/2 glass (optional
Honey as per taste

1.In a blender, add strawberries, kiwi, orange juice, honey and blend it well
2.Garnish with strawberry n serve chilled.

1.I used orange juice in place of water. Next time I am planning to use some other juice or just water as adding orange juice has  changed the natural color of strawberry to orange color.
2.I always prefer honey to sugar in fruit juices.

The little things which I know about strawberries:
1.Strawberries have higher levels of vitamin c, fiber than most other fruits like apples, bananas.
2.Strawberries are found to reduce risk of cancer.