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Mudda Pappu Tuesday, October, 3, 2006

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                                  Mudda pappu is Andhra delicacy. It is also called as Sudda Pappu. It is considered to be very important serving during festivals , special occasions and obvious first course of a meal whenever guest visits one home. It is served with hot steamed rice , generous servings of clarified butter, some veg pulusu, aavakaya.

Pulusu :
            Pulusu means sauce or gravy. This is a very traditional dish and is usually cooked in the rainy season.
 Eg: Bendakaya Pulusu        (Okra in tamarind gravy),
       Vankaya Pulusu           (Eggplant in tamarind gravy),
       Chamadumpala Pulusu (Colocasia in tamarind gravy)
       Chepala Pulusu      (Fish in tamarind gravy),…….etc

                  Mudda Pappu 

                                              Mudda Pappu with Pachi Pulusu

Aavakaya Pachadi (Maamidikaya Pachadi) :
            A very famous and tasty pickle in Andhra. This pickle is a must pickle in all Andhra house holds. During the mango season all Andhra house holds will be busy in making this pickle. The main ingredients are raw,  very sour mangoes and a combination of spices. This is preserved for one year (can also be preserved for more than a yr). Such a great taste,…..hmmmm,…..mouth-watering, ….one can never forget that heavenly spicy pickle. This is forms a verrry good combination with Mudda Pappu, Indian clarified butter, White rice.

Mudda Pappu :

Ingredients :
Kandi pappu (Tur dal in hindi),
Salt to taste.

Method :
1. Pressure cook kandipappu (1:2 ratio- kandipappu:water).
2. Once cooked, add salt to taste and mash it well.

Serve with hot rice , Indian clarified butter, Aavakaaya pickle. I also love to have with Pachi Pulusu.