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Pachi Pulusu Tuesday, October, 3, 2006

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                                    Pachi Pulusu is again a famous and traditional Andhra delicacy, usually served cold with hot rice. The word pachi means, raw. It is prepared using tamarind pulp.
 Types of pachi pulusu : Vankaya pachi pulusu, maamidikaya pachi pulusu.

                    Pachi Pulusu
                                             Pachi Pulusu with hot rice  , mudda pappu     

Here I am presenting you the simple pachi pulusu. Very easy to prepare.

Pachi Pulusu:

Tamarind water – 3 cups,
Chopped onions – ½ cup,
Salt to taste,
Sugar – 1 tbspoon.
Red Chilli – 4 no.
Oil – 1 tspn

Method :
1. Heat 1 tspn of oil in a pan, add 4 red chillies. Fry them well.
2. Take 3 cups of tamarind water in a bowl, add chopped onions, salt. sugar.
3. Mash the fried red chillies and add them to the above tamarind water.

Serve with hot rice. Goes well with Mudda pappu ( Pressure cooked red gram with little salt), and Pulagam(split green gram cooked with rice, salt, black pepper).