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Aloo Fry (Andhra Style) Tuesday, October, 10, 2006

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                    Aloo Fry (Andhra Style)

                                                   Andhra Style Aloo Fry

Source : Mom

Boiled potatoes cubed – 4,
Green chillies – 2 (Acc to ur spice level),
Oil – 1-2 tbspn,
Urad dal + Chana dal – 1 tspn,
Jeera – 1-2 tspn,
Mustard seeds – 1/2-1 tspn,
Curry leaves – 6
Turmeric – Pinch
Onions cut length wise – 2 cups,
Coriander powder – 2tspn(Optional),
Salt acc to taste

1.Heat oil in a pan, add urad dal, chana dal, jeera, mustard seeds.
2.Add curry leaves, green chillies, onions, turmeric once jeera splutters.
3.When onions become transparent add salt, coriander powder. Mix well.
4.Once onions get cooked, add boiled potatoes.
5.Remove from fire afer 4-5 min.
6.Garnish with spring onions/ coriander leaves.

Goes well with poori(Indian bread deep fried in vegetable oil), rice.


Palakura Vepudu (Spinach Fry): Friday, October, 6, 2006

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                                        In my childhood, I used to hate leafy vegetables, except for spinach. I used to eat spinach without any complaints. My mom was worried about my hatred towards the leafy vegetables. She used to try and convince that whatever the dish made of leafy vegetable is of spinach one. I simply used to eat it…..This episode continued till my high school. Later I realized that my mom is playing trick with me (not through the taste……I overheard my mom saying this funny thing to her friend. Is it not funny 🙂 ?). Even now I cannot easily recognize. Now I do not hate the green beauties,  I try eating them.

My mom prepares palakura bangaladumapa fry (spinach-potato fry), Palakura pappu(spinach dal), palakura vepudu.

                     Palakura Vepudu 

                                            Palakura Vepudu (Spinach Fry)

This is a super easy recipe.
Source : Mom

Ingredients :
A bunch of spinach,
Oil – 1 tbspn,
Red chillie – 1,
green chillie – 2,
1/2 cup chopped onion,
Urad dal + Chana dal – 1 tspn,
mustard – 1/2 tspn,
Jeera – 1 tspn,
A pinch of turmeric,
Salt to taste.

Method :
1.Heat oil in  a pan, add red chillie, urad dal, chana dal, mustard , jeera. When jeera starts spluttering add chopped onions, green chillies,turmeric,and salt.
2.When onions turn golden brown, add chopped spinach.Mix well. Don’t put the lid.
3.Keep stirring periodically.
4.Remove from the flame once spinach becomes soft.
 Goes well with hot steamed rice, chapathi.

Note: Red chillie powder can also be added if u feel less spicy.


Mushroom Egg Poratu/Bhurji Thursday, September, 7, 2006

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Before my marriage I never tasted mushrooms. But after coming to tokyo I saw many   types of mushrooms,but never dared to buy them…. reasons are obvious,..I never tasted earlier and I do not know the preparation method. But one day I read somewhere that mushrooms are really good for health……so I made up my mind that I should prepare mushroom curry, and on one fine day I bought them 🙂 and made curry, was a big flop 😦 . After 2 weeks I again made the same curry inspite of the failure in the first attempt. It again fallflated. Then I never tried for months together. Later I saw one of my friend doing mushroom curry.I replicated it. I ll post that dish soon.
              Mushroom Egg Poratu

Mushroom Egg Poratu/Bhurji :

                 This is my own creation (I have used this word since I never ate or saw this type of dish). Sometime back I badly wanted to have egg poratu,….but only 2 eggs were there. uhhhh….what to do??…then I saw, a pack of mushrooms were sitting untouched for days…..the result is MUSHROOM EGG PORATU. Amazingly it turned out well. From that day onwards this dish is been made frequently.

Ingredients :
 Mushrooms – 1 pack
 Eggs – 3 No.
 Onion- 1 medium size
 Red chilli powder
 Salt to taste

For Tempering :
 Oil             – 1 table spoon
 Red chiili    – 2
 Chana dal  – 1  teaspoon
 Urad dal    – 1  teaspoon
 Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon
 Jeera              – 1 teaspoon
 Curry leaves    – 5-6 (optional)

Method :
1.Heat oil in a non-stick pan and add red chilli, chana dal, urad dal, mustard seeds, jeera. When jeera splutters add curry leaves(optional) and add finely chopped onions.
2.Add salt and red chilli powder according to your taste, (If you like garam masala it can be added in this step).
3.When onions turns golden brown, add mushrooms and DO NOT cover the pan.
4.In the mean while beat the egg in a bowl and keep aside.
5.Once mushrooms gets cooked ,add beaten eggs. Do not disturb that for 2 – 3 min. After 3 min mix well and gently.
6.Using a spatula, turn the scrambled eggs upside down so that the eggs get fully cooked.

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves…..tasty tasty mushroom egg poratu/bhurji is ready!!!


1.Because of their high water content,let the mushrooms cook in its own water,,,,do not add much water.
2.I don’t prefer boiling them before hand (I feel that doing so will totally take off the taste and one cannot enjoy the real  taste ).In my first 2 attempts I have overboiled hem,…that might be the reason for the disaster.