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Namaste,…Swagatam,..suswagatam….Welcome to Maa Inti Vanta and enjoy my dishes

My blog Wednesday, August, 16, 2006

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Hello hi namaste namaskaram !!!!

 This is my maiden venture .

I always wanted my own site / blog and was bit serious about it,…but to the matter of fact COOLPEPPER came out by the  inspiration I got by seeing many blogs,more specifically mahanandi,sailusfood,aayi’srecipes,….etc (its a very big list 🙂 )

This site’s main idea is to make note of all the dishes I prepare, and also wanna share recipes of my mother’s and grandmom’s

I love cooking ,its keep growing as my husband is great foodie and always want his friends to visit our house for dinner/lunch and adding to that we both (even he likes cooking ) want to try new recipes. So, my resource for new recipes is  internet and now a days I became a big fan of cooking blogs. It became a routine for me to check my favourite blogs for  the updates and also to explore more resplendent blogs.

AAhhh,….is that boring you,..anyway let me stop here,…..and let me Welcome you all to MAA INTI VANTA.

Happy blogging!!